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Gartner says: trained users cost 20% less to support than untrained users. So start saving and explore our worldwide education and certification programs.

Enterprises can increase profitability and ensure company growth by leveraging new digital transformation-enabled technologies. Training services can help broaden skills and knowledge, accelerate technology adoption, and increase employee efficiency. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is uniquely positioned to offer Partners and Customers insightful ALE solutions training. We provide you with the tools to autonomously manage and use ALE solutions efficiently and with confidence. Participants benefit from ALE experience in design, innovative delivery methods, and worldwide presence.

Transformation journey: We support your technology journey with training to ramp-up your

Optimisation and adoption: You maximise your investments and technology adoption with autonomous solution management.

Industries and customisation: We create customised and onsite training to meet your business needs.


No matter your role or company size we offer training to help you use our solutions with confidence:
  • Administrator training: Maximise products use and enable autonomous operation
  • Partner training: Provide Partners with the tools to deliver the highest level of customer support Certification: Competencies recognition and a qualified guarantee to sell, design and install ALE solutions.
  • Blended learning solution: eBooks, online, classrooms and virtual training sessions, let you reduce training time, save on travel expenses, and maximise your knowledge at a lower costs.
  • Customised training: Create training objectives and content to meet specific needs.
  • Dedicated session: Maximise skill acquisition and focus content to your business priorities.
  • Onsite training: Combine privacy, flexibility, teamwork and cost savings.


Get ready for future
  • Equipped to face current and upcoming challenges.
  • Contribute to company growth and reputation.
  • Skilled employees: A key element for organisations
  • Increase job satisfaction; improve customer service.
  • Boost productivity; positively affect the bottom line.
  • Trained staff use solutions efficiently
  • Gain autonomy; decrease the need for supervision.
  • Operational excellence; attract and retain customers.