Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is an easily deployed, secure, relationship-building engine that facilitates quick, seamless collaboration between its users. It allows users to swiftly interact with each other through chat, voice or video and to share screens and files with astonishing ease.
But Rainbow goes beyond simple messaging and sharing. Rainbow leverages the latest technologies to securely integrate into your organization’s existing business processes, applications, and workflows, while streamlining user adoption, minimizing user disruption, and solving customer challenges. Every Enterprise faces opportunities and challenges from cloud communication, security threats, crisis, IOT, and artificial intelligence. Rainbow helps you connect to the future through optimized time-management, secure platform access, and strict data integrity.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Cloud

Rainbow is a robust and easy-to-use communication tool connecting people,
objects and processes to deliver key business outcomes to customers.

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Your time is precious. Do not waste it in a fight against technology.
Amanda Shah

Create or join audio and video meetings with up to 120 participants and up to 12 simultaneous video streams.

Lucas Brüner
Outlook Event Scheduler

Schedule your Outlook events and calendar invites with one-click without ever leaving Rainbow.

Lucille Hobson
High Level Security

ISO 27001 compliant and designed with product security features to help us prevent and detect security threats. Data privacy focused, following applicable laws such as GDPR and CCPA. See our privacy policy.

The most valuable currency you own is your time. Because of that the world is at a turning point again: Communication has to be instant and seamless to avoid affecting productivity. The massive amounts of data you handle need to be secure and tamper-proof to avoid legal and personal repercussions. The platform you work on, needs to be a safe harbor to convey a feeling of safety. Rainbow combines all of this. Moussa Zaghdoud, VP Cloud Business Division

Moussa Zaghdoud, VP Cloud Business Division