Use Content Relationship Management to improve sales productivity

Sales Automation
  • Leads. Converting Lead to Opportunity/Account/Contact.
  • Opportunities. Potential sales in CRM.
  • Accounts. Each account is a central record in B2B model.
  • Contacts. Contact can be related to multiple Accounts with specific roles of relationships.

Customer Support

  • Cases - Cases are used to keep track of issues, problems or failures that were reported by customers. They can be created both manually (by regular or portal users) and automatically (through a web form, workflow or email). Each case can be associated with Account or Contact, so a person will receive notifications about all the updates until the case is resolved.
  • Email-to-Case - Email-to-Case allows creating cases from incoming group emails automatically. The feature is extremely convenient for support teams as it reduces the time spent on routine manual data entry. The functionality also aids a lot in providing exceptional customer service and support.
  • Customer Portal - Customer Portal provides the ability to launch a self-service customer support portal. The feature is used for granting access to specific data and functions for your customers or partners.
  • Knowledge Base - Knowledge Base is a repository of data that can be used by both customers and employees. It usually contains the articles with the information about the company’s products, recommendations on how to use CRM software or solutions of some previous technical issues

Invetory Management

  • Products (available in Sales Pack) - Products feature is available in Sales Pack extension. Product items can be used with Opportunity and Quotes. They are also available for a customization in Entity Manager so you can create new relationships between products and other entities.
  • Quotes (available in Sales Pack) - Quotes feature is available in Sales Pack extension. Quotes are specific group of products or services with their quantities and prices that you quote to your customers.
  • Sales Orders (available in Sales Pack) - Sales Order represents a group of products or services with their quantities and prices. Sales Order can be created from existing Opportunity or Quote. Each Sales Order can be converted into Invoice.
  • Invoices (available in Sales Pack) - Invoices feature is available in Sales Pack extension. Invoice record represents a group of products or services with their quantities and prices.

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  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Sending invitations to attendees.
  • Google Calendar Sync (available in extension)
  • Outlook Calendar Sync (available in extension)
  • Shared Calendar. User can see schedules of coworkers.

  • Outbound Emails
  • Email Templates
  • Email Folders
  • Email Signature
  • Email Filters
  • Mass Email
  • Multiple email addresses per record.
Marketing Automation
  • Campaigns
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Mass Mail Merge
  • Target Lists
  • Sync Target Lists with Reports (available in Advanced Pack)
  • MailChimp Integration (available in extension)
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Data Import
  • Users. No user limitation in on-premise version.
  • Teams. Users can be organized into teams.
  • Roles. Access control can be set for whole team and specific user.
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Currency Rates
  • Themes support
  • Maps. Displayed based on address fields.
  • Dynamic forms
  • Calculated fields
  • Data privacy management
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV
  • Google Contacts Integration (available in extension)
  • GOutlook Contacts Integration (available in extension)