Put your company's leave Management on autopilot

Take the hassle out of managing leave with our online leave management system. No more wasted time dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork. All of the request and approval workflows are automated so you only need to take action when you are notified of something in your queue. This saves you time and energy which can be used on more valuable tasks.

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Employees can apply for leave and check
their balances

Employees can apply for leave easily, with full access to their leave balances and history.

Managers receives notification and quickly approve and decline leave

Managers can easily see whose applying for a leave, leave type and also see if the applicant has available leave days.

Easy access anywhere,

Access the system anywhere, anytime from your PC, tablet or cellphone. And it runs in the cloud, which means no software to install and automatic backups.

Leave balances are tracked automatically

You only need to add your leave policies to the system and number of days accumulated and the system keeps track of their balances. Employees also see the balance when they apply.