IT audits are used to ensure information-related controls and processes are working properly. Evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure company data. Determine risks to a company's information assets, and help identify methods to minimize those risks. Ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards. Determine inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management.

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  1. An IT audit is to evaluate the system's internal control design and effectiveness against relevant standards and best practices.

  2. This includes but is not limited to, design, implementation, performance, efficiency, security protocols and IT governance or oversight.

  3. Installing controls are necessary but not sufficient to provide adequate security.

  4. Periodic review of the infrastructure and the processes is mandatory to ensure compliance to these controls. Ikusasa, in its role as an IT infrastructure consulting company has been responsible for building out and upgrading number of information technology infrastructure projects for its clients in India and Overseas.

  1. IT ASSURANCE SERVICES - Assurance is the process of getting the right information to the right people at the right time with Information Risk Management, Trust Management, Resilience, appropriate Architecture, system safety, and security.

  2. IT INFRASTRUCTURE ASSESSMENT - IT assessment help Optimize IT resources through proper gauging of its strengths and weaknesses and help in right sizing, protection, effective utilization, scalability, stability, security, resilience, utilization of the right technology and achieve improved efficiency, performance and uptime.

  3. IT COMPLIANCE AUDITING - Compliance is one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations today. Observing regulatory compliance audit policies is a requisite for every organization. Sensitive enterprise data is always at a risk of being compromised; therefore it has become a mandate to secure sensitive information by establishing network security processes and meeting the guidelines of regulatory bodies.

  4. INSIDER ATTACKS AUDIT - Of all the cyber threats, the worst that could hit an organization lies within: the insider attack. Insider attacks earn their notoriety because they are extremely difficult to detect, especially when the attacker is a trusted and privileged user.